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Real Estate Investments in Greece

Our team of experts consists of local and international lawyers, tax advisers, building experts and development partners. Together, we are investing in the Greek market since 2017.

Several properties in various asset classes have been acquired and developed since then.

We are currently focusing our efforts on acquiring highly attractive land on the Greek Riviera to design and build condominiums with lifestyle amenities for active adults and working nomads who prefer an attractive climate and a healthy lifestyle.

“The market has been on a noticeably rising course again since 2018, and prices have risen strongly in recent years. On average, over the last four years, properties have recovered about half of the 40% loss in value caused by the prolonged financial crisis. In premium locations, prices have risen even more strongly.

The financial crisis from 2010 to 2018 also resulted in a very low level of construction activity, which, in conjunction with the increased demand, is now leading to a shortage of new/prime properties.

Greece is once again very popular with national and international investors, and the wait-and-see attitude – especially in the primary residence market – is gradually giving way to great interest in attractive investments.

The real estate prices, which remain moderate compared to other European countries – both in the metropolitan areas of Athens and Thessaloniki as well as on the islands – combined with the good availability of real estate and corresponding impulses from the Greek government, seem to be keeping the market stable despite all the turbulence. Due to the dynamics of the Greek economy and the actual demand for real estate, market participants are likely to abandon the current restraint in the coming months.

The prospects for the Greek real estate market in the coming years can be described as positive and promising. In 2023, it can be assumed that, after the upcoming elections in spring at the latest, the real estate market will continue to rise significantly.”

(Source: Engel & Völkers Market Outlook Q1/2023)

"Buy land, they are not making it anymore."

Mark Twain

"Find out where the people are going
- and buy the land before they get there."

William Penn Adair

Why We Invest in Greek Real Estate

A European Union member state

Member of the Eurozone, EBRD, IMF, UN, OECD, BSEC, etc.

Stable country in the region; south boarder of EU and NATO member

Bordering 3 continents

Fast tourism growth will bring rising demand in respective facilities, properties & infrastructure

New investor friendly government

New laws to accelerate strategic investments

Strong privatization program ongoing

High yields compared to most other countries

Recent rating upgrade by Standard & Poors