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Real Estate Investments in Greece

The Greek real estate market showed first clear signs of an upward trend since the end of 2018. This was based on increasing confidence in the Greek economy, based on the return to financing capacity in international financial markets and the sustained substantial growth of tourism, including in particular city tourism in Athens.

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With our team consisting of lawyers, tax advisers, building experts and four development partners we are investing in the Greek market since that.

Properties have been acquired and developed in various asset classes. Especially with our partner Livewise, the plans in the B2S (Build to Sale) area are sold. In the B2R (Build to Rent) area, we have acquired highly attractive land to design small units for students and young small families, and later for senior citizens with a basic care tangent.

We are currently being approached by many more attractive properties as we have become known as one of the few active investors to date.


Why we invest in greek real estate

A European Union member state

Member of the Eurozone, EBRD, IMF, UN, OECD, BSEC, etc.

Stable country in the region; south boarder of EU and NATO member

Bordering 3 continents

Fast tourism growth will bring rising demand in respective facilities, properties & infrastructure

New investor friendly government

New laws to accelerate strategic investments

Strong privatization program ongoing

High yields compared to most other countries

Recent rating upgrade by Standard & Poors